Joel and Victoria Osteen will present “America’s Night of Hope” at Yankee Stadium to offer thousands a message of encouragement.

The pastors of one of the nation’s largest churches told Kelly Wright that their message is designed to help people rise above their circumstances through the power of hope.

The two pastors say their Houston, Texas, church continues to grow because they don’t use religion to divide. Instead, they reach out to people of all faiths, races and classes in a “Jesus style.”

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"My father used to say if you draw a circle and shut me out, I’m going to draw a bigger circle and shut you in,” Joel said. “So he had this inclusive mentality that said, you know what, everybody's welcome. Bring the best, the worst, the rich, the poor, whatever, it's just a, it’s a place of healing and wholeness, and let God do the work."

Victoria said it’s a message of moving forward and that God loves you.

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