Geraldo Rivera jumped into the debate on Outnumbered today as the #oneluckyguy, calling for President Obama to close down Guantanamo Bay once and for all. According to reports, another Gitmo detainee is moving closer to being released and the Obama administration is going forward with efforts to close the facility.

Herridge Report: Will 'Gitmo Grads' Return to Terrorism?

He referred to the prison camp as a "shyster's ploy" that was intentionally set up on the coast of Cuba in order to avoid the Constitution.

Sandra Smith asked if the Bergdahl exchange might cause him to reconsider his stance. Rivera responded that there's nothing about the Bergdahl case that would change his mind about shutting down Gitmo and maintained that Bergdahl is an American soldier who we had to bring home.

"I don't care who Bergdahl is. We don't leave him behind. When you start making the judgment, 'oh, this one is this, that one is that,' and you waver from that hard principle, then our armed forces will be stripped of absolutely the thing that makes them most secure. They know their colleagues won't leave them behind," he said, adding that the military can sort out what Bergdahl did or didn't do in a possible court-martial.

Jedediah Bila argued "that we're talking about terrorists" who are now much happier in Qatar than they were at Gitmo and "that does not make me happy."

"It's been 12 years. Is it going to be 120 years? How long is enough time? Rivera concluded.

Watch the contentious debate above.

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