The fallout from the prisoner swap for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl intensifies as new details emerge about the circumstances surrounding the night he vanished. Six of his former platoon members went on The Kelly File last night and called Bergdahl a deserter.

Today, The Five hosts criticized the Obama administration for releasing five Taliban leaders in the exchange. A Defense official told Fox News that the military advised President Obama not to make the trade because it would be like handing over “five four-star generals of the Taliban.”

The soldiers who have spoken out agree that Bergdahl should’ve been rescued, but they believe he should be put on trial for possible desertion.

Now, National Security Advisor Susan Rice seems to be backtracking on her comments that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” by saying that it was honorable that he volunteered to serve.

Bob Beckel commented, “The idea that [Obama administration] didn’t think that this thing was going to be exposed for what this guy’s background was is incomprehensible. […] I’m suggesting that somehow, some way, they smoked a bunch of dope and convinced each other that they were going to actually get something positive out of this.”

“The conclusion is that they are that freaking stupid!” Eric Bolling reacted.

Still searching for an answer, Beckel said no one could be elected president twice and “be that dumb.”