On Wednesday, a military jet crashed in a residential neighborhood and luckily no one was injured. It happened in Imperial Valley, California near the Mexican border. Residents captured video of the jet after it smashed into homes, setting some of them on fire.

The pilot was able to escape and survived the crash.

Today on Happening Now, Jenna Lee spoke to an eyewitness who recounted the terrifying scene.

Sean Penniman said the residents are used to jets flying around since they live close to a military base. He was out for a run when he heard a “pop and a whistle” and then saw the pilot ejecting from the jet.

As soon as that happened, Penniman called 911 and ran toward the area within a few seconds of the plane crashing.

"I started to go towards it but you could hear a lot of popping almost like gunshots,” he said, describing the fireballs that erupted.

Minutes later EMT and firefighters showed up. He said, “It’s almost like Hollywood came to the Valley here. It doesn’t seem real.”

Watch the incredible footage above.