A public high school principal in Lebanon, Missouri, brought down the house at graduation, finding a way to work God into his address despite the ban on religious references. Kevin Lowery reminded students that “In God We Trust” can be found on U.S. currency and was in the original version of "The Star Spangled Banner."

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Lowery added that even though “God is reflected in the very fabric” of the nation, it would be inappropriate to mention that at a secular ceremony.

“So while it would not be politically correct for us to have an official prayer this evening, I would like for us to have a moment of silence in honor of tonight’s graduates,” Lowery told students last month. “Thank you. And just in case you’re interested, during my moment of silence, I gave thanks to God for these great students, their parents, their teachers and for this community.”

Lowery drew a huge round of applause from the crowd and more than 100,000 people have watched the YouTube clip, but Lowery is under attack by atheist groups.

A spokesman for American Atheists called the speech "extremely objectionable," criticizing Lowery for being "dishonorable and underhanded."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck noted this morning that it's "sad that you have to be so crafty to be free" about expressing your faith nowadays.

What do you think of the speech and the ban on religious references at public school graduation ceremonies?

Watch the segment from Fox and Friends above and a longer clip from YouTube.

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