On The Kelly File, Republican senator Marco Rubio responded to James Rosen’s report on secret documents suggesting that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl converted to Islam during his captivity.  Rubio was among the senators who were briefed by officials from the State Department, Pentagon and intelligence agencies on Wednesday.

“The answers I got directly contradict or dispute what you have been reporting this evening,” Sen. Rubio said. “So clearly if this happens to be true we've got a very serious problem with the administration misleading members of Congress because the question that I asked is right on point with what you're reporting tonight.”

Rubio said he anticipates that at least four out of the five Taliban detainees will rejoin the battlefield shortly. Lawmakers from both parties have accused the Obama administration of breaking the law by not giving them 30 days' notice of the impending release. 

The Republican senator added that he is convinced that Obama made the decision as part of an overall “messaging strategy for domestic consumption” to boost the president’s image as Commander-in-Chief and as a domestic leader.

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