A teacher sex scandal, condoms for kids and the reason men might want a demotion at work. It's all part of today's Outnumbered roundup, featuring Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jedediah Bila and #oneluckyguy Tucker Carlson.

A major teacher sex scandal is unfolding at a high school in Kaysville, Utah, where a 34-year-old woman is facing charges for having sex with her 16-year-old student. Lawyers for Brianne Altice want the judge to throw out the charges though, because she says the boy "wore down her defenses" after she repeatedly refused his advances.

The motion to dismiss was denied by the judge.

The debate on Outnumbered began when Tucker Carlson said it's "ludicrous" to call this a rape, since the boy was 16 and was the one pursuing the teacher. He also called out the teen for then "tattling" to police and destroying his teacher's life.

"What a whiny country this is. I'm not kidding. You pursue an older woman and have a relationship with her and you're a rape victim?! It defies common sense," he said, adding this case should not be treated the same as an older male teacher having sex with a female student.

Watch the lively discussion below.

Would you be OK with your 11-year-old being given a condom at school? One school district in Oregon will allow teachers to hand them out as a part of a new sex-education program that starts in sixth grade. The Gervais School District will begin handing out condoms next school year.

According to the Reuters report, the action was prompted by a 2013 survey by nursing students that found that 7 percent of district high school girls had experienced pregnancy and 42 percent of students reported "never" or "sometimes" using protection. 

Parents are raising concerns, however, that 11 is just too young. Sandra Smith believes it's "problematic" because there could be unintended consequences.

"All this does is introduce sex to those kids that aren't thinking about it yet. I think there's probably kids that say, 'wait, you're gonna give this to me? Should I be doing something? I'm not sexually active, maybe I should be,'" she argued.

Watch the full segment above, including the question of whether schools are going too far to do things that parents should be doing.

There aren't many reasons to want to get demoted at work, but it turns out that one new poll shows that men who make less than their wives report having better sex.

Here's more from The Daily Mail:

A poll showed that 56 per cent of men whose wages are lower than their spouses said they had ‘hot’ or ‘very good’ sex. This compared to 44 per cent of husbands who out-earn their wives.

The researchers asked 1,010 married adults aged 25 and over about various aspects of their married lives.

They found that 90 per cent of men whose wives earned more said their marriages were ‘happy’ compared to 75 per cent of men whose wives earned less.

If women earn more at work they look after the finances at home too, the poll found.

Some 76 per cent of women who outearn their husbands pay the bills, compared to 49 per cent who earn less or nothing.

Researchers believe the numbers are further evidence that stress about finances has a negative effect on a couple's sex life.

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