A Minnesota boy proved that you're never too young to learn the Heimlich maneuver. The third-grader (that's right, third grade) sprang into action when his friend started to choke on a french fry at a school picnic.

Zach Furman's heroic actions are a credit to his dad, Matt, who had just taught his son the life-saving technique a few weeks before.

"I was kind of scared for Fletcher because my friend was in trouble. I went behind him and started putting him in the Heimlich," the 9-year-old recalled.

Read more details below from CBS Minnesota:

Furman says he and his buddy Aiden Roberts were looking for Dypwick to see if he wanted to sit with them for lunch.

“I thought he was throwing up for a sec, and Zach says ‘No, no, he’s choking.’ So I ran and got teachers,” Roberts said.

But instead of waiting for help, Furman sprang into action.

“I started doing the Heimlich,” Furman said. “I put my hands in a fist and I pulled up … cuz the air needs to get up and it can pop the food right out – which it did!”

Dypwick says it was a French fry that got caught in his throat.

“I didn’t know what it was called but I knew that he was helping me,” Dypwick said.