The Obama administration severely miscalculated the reaction to trading Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a suspected deserter, for five Taliban leaders. That was the subject of Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo.

O'Reilly Blasts Obama Admin: 'Morons' for Saying Bergdahl Served With Honor

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) defended the president, saying, “Opponents of President Obama have seized upon the release of a prisoner of war – that’s what he was – using what should be a moment of unity and celebration for our nation as a chance to play political games.”

Meanwhile, Democrat and chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA), expressed “dismay” at the administration for failing to notify Congress at least 30 days before releasing Gitmo detainees.

Given the evidence so far, O’Reilly said there’s “no doubt” that Bergdahl deserted his unit in Afghanistan five years ago. There are allegations that he may have also collaborated with the Taliban.

Tuesday at the State Department, spokesperson Marie Harf pushed back against Bergdahl’s platoon mates who have publicly stated that he deserted.

A Rasmussen poll found that 43 percent of Americans oppose the prisoner swap.

“Talking Points believes that Sgt. Bergdahl and his father Robert oppose America’s presence in Afghanistan,” O’Reilly said, adding that the question is how far he took his dissent.

Looking at the bigger picture, the Factor host noted that this is another important decision the Obama administration has botched. “Is his administration at the tipping point? I believe it is,” O’Reilly said.  

Senator John McCain (R-AZ), member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and former POW, spoke to O’Reilly tonight.

He said, “For the president of the United States to enter into a deal where he now says they might re-enter the fight is really stunning to me because I don’t think we should ever release anyone who there’s the slightest chance of them posing a threat to the men and women who are serving in the military.”

McCain said he is grateful Bergdahl is back but added that the responsibility of the commander in chief is to make tough decisions with the priority being national security.

“Unfortunately, that’s the nature of war, which is a very cruel business," McCain said.

Watch the Talking Points Memo and interview with Sen. McCain above. 

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