On tonight’s Kelly File, Megyn went head-to-head with former Assistant Secretary of Defense Larry Korb over the release of five Taliban leaders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

New Video: Taliban Hands Bergdahl Over to U.S. Forces in Afghanistan

There are growing concerns over the release of the Gitmo detainees to the government of Qatar in exchange for the prisoner of war, who many are saying was a deserter. All five prisoners were classified as high risks to United States interests and our allies.

Megyn reported that this is the first time President Obama released prisoners with such a high threat. Korb reasoned that the United States’ combat mission in Afghanistan ends in a few months.

“The United States and its allies are not going to be out fighting anymore, so to whom are they a danger?” he said.

The Fox News host interjected, “Respectfully, that just sounds insane to me. That sounds like, ‘well, I put on a shark repellant scuba suit when I went swimming but the sharks didn’t seem respectful of it.’ You’re telling me because we said these guys are going to be in Qatar for a year and then magically all the troops are going to be out of Afghanistan, we don’t need to worry about these Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists? Do they know that the war is over?”

Korb said it’s Afghan President Hamid Karzai who wants the Taliban prisoners back.

“Who cares?” Megyn responded. “He should not be our standard.”

Noting that American interests are in protecting ourselves and our allies, she asked how Americans can be safe if Qatar will be watching the detainees for only one year.

Korb argued, “There was a risk with the 500 people that Bush let out. So yes, there has been a risk, but what I’m saying here is that the risk to Americans is minimal with these people. Plus, they went out of action for 12 years. They’re not even keeping up with the tactics.”

“There’s no way you really believe because they were in Gitmo for the last 10 to 13 years that they’re out of it. […] So while they wanted to kill us 12 years ago, they spent some time on the soccer fields and suddenly they love America,” Megyn said, adding that it’s the motivation that matters.

She pointed out that the men released are all in their forties, and Usama bin Laden was 54 when he was killed.  

But Korb maintained, “By the time they get back there we’re not going to be fighting there anymore. You seem to be missing that.”

Megyn reminded him, “You seem to missing the fact that we weren't fighting in Afghanistan prior to 9/11 and nonetheless they got together and harbored the terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans. Just because we don’t have boots on the ground there, doesn’t mean they don’t want to kill us.”

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