It’s been a tough 24 hours for former Senate candidate Annette Bosworth. The Republican from South Dakota found out live on The Kelly File Tuesday night that she lost her Senate race.

Megyn Kelly inadvertently broke the news to Bosworth, who was appearing as a guest the night of the election.

Bosworth responded, “That’s news to me. I didn’t know that. […] I found out on national television.”

Then today, things got worse for Bosworth when a warrant was issued for her arrest. She had previously sworn under oath that she was present when people signed petitions for her Senate run. However, authorities allege that she was really on a missionary trip to the Philippines.

Trace Gallagher reported that Bosworth later admitted that her sister circulated some petitions, but said it only involved a few signatures.

Bosworth claims this is all politically motivated because the attorney general is friends with former Governor Mike Rounds (R-SD), who beat her in last night’s GOP Senate primary. She has turned herself in and faces jail time.

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