Since news broke of the prisoner swap for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, focus has turned in part to the six soldiers who died searching for him. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is turning attention to those American soldiers who died trying to capture the five Taliban leaders that were released from Gitmo as part of the exchange.

Chambliss: 'Classified File on Bergdahl Leaves Questions Unanswered'

Tonight on The Kelly File, Sen. Cruz called the United States government’s deal with the Taliban “troubling.”

“An obvious question that leaps to mind: how many soldiers lost their lives to capture these five Taliban terrorists?” he asked. “And how many soldiers may lose their lives in the future if and when these Taliban return to making war against Americans?”

There are growing questions over whether Bergdahl was a deserter. Cruz said we need answers to what President Obama knew about his conduct and the serious allegations raised against him. 

Watch the video above to hear Cruz's reaction to a proposed amendment to the Constitution by Democrats that he says could essentially curtail free speech.

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