Days after Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release from Taliban captivity, some soldiers who served with him have publicly stated that he was a deserter. Today, State Department spokesperson Marie Harf maintained that the administration doesn’t know all the facts yet.

Bergdahl Platoon Mate: He Deserted His Post 'Willfully and Purposefully'

In response to a Fox News producer’s question about Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers having the best information, Harf responded, “I don’t think that that’s the case.”  

On tonight’s Kelly File, Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters called the exchange “Benghazi 2.0.”

He blasted Harf as a “liar” and said she's “a political flunky in the State Department insisting that she knows better what happened on the ground than the soldiers in the frontline or the people in a fire fight. The arrogance is boundless.”

Peters said this is evidence of a cultural divide between the Obama administration and those who serve in the military. “When you really listen to Susan Rice and Obama, I mean they think that desertion is kind of like skipping class.”

He said being a deserter is the “second gravest sin” in the military, right behind turning your weapon on your fellow soldiers.

Furious, Peters told Megyn, “I am sick of hearing people, even on Fox, instant experts who never served in their military, saying well we always went after our deserters.”

Throughout U.S. history, Peters said deserters were rescued, but they were shot or hanged upon returning.

He said, “I really believe that team Obama thought that bringing Bowe Bergdahl home at any price was going to result in a repetition of the celebrations when it was announced that we got Usama bin Laden. That there would be frat boys from GW University in Washington jumping up and down in front of the White House. They totally misread the American public and deeply misread our military.”

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