The Obama administration is facing growing backlash after negotiating with the Taliban for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Republicans in Congress have called for an investigation into the prisoner swap.

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Now, some of the soldiers who served with Bergdahl are openly questioning his loyalty to the United States and even charge that he was a deserter. At least six U.S. soldiers were killed searching for Bergdahl, creating resentment in the military.

However, former UN ambassador and current National Security Advisor Susan Rice has stated that Bergdahl served the U.S. with “honor and distinction.”

In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly called Rice’s comments “dubious,” given her false statements on the cause of the Benghazi attack.

“Is Ambassador Rice a moron?! Why would she say that when all the facts point to the opposite, especially when she herself got hammered over the Benghazi deception. Again, what is wrong with these people? Talking Points cannot answer that question. It’s beyond comprehension,” O’Reilly lamented.

Meanwhile, President Obama has taken a more cautious stance than members of his administration. “Regardless of the circumstances, whatever those circumstances may turn out to be, we still get an American soldier back if he’s held in captivity, period," the president said.

As for the five Taliban soldiers who were released from Gitmo in exchange for Bergdahl, O’Reilly blasted the Obama administration for making a political move.

The Factor host said, “According to the UN, in 2013 alone, 74 percent of all civilian casualties in Afghanistan were caused by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. At least 2,300 civilians were killed; more than 4,000 injured. Multiply that by 13 years and you have the level of atrocity the Taliban has committed. This is not a prisoner of war exchange. This is a political move, and it is backfiring on the president.”

O’Reilly wondered why so many mistakes are being made by the White House. He said it’s “almost beyond belief that an administration could be this dense.”

A source who knows the inside story of the Obama White House told O’Reilly that the president has come to the conclusion that his administration is not going to accomplish its goals.

O’Reilly reported, “[Obama] knows the economy is not going to turn around. He knows ObamaCare is not going to be popular. And he understands that his job approval rating will likely remain below 50 percent. Therefore, according to this [source], the president has concluded that public opinion really doesn’t matter anymore.”

He went on to say that President Obama will do what he wants “consequences be damned.” 

O’Reilly concluded that this is what happens when half of the American public is disengaged from political reality.

“They don’t know anything, and they don’t care to know. Many live in a high-tech bubble, lost in cyberspace, caught up in their own selfish pursuits,” he said. “[The president knows] that he can razzle dazzle, make speeches and survive. […] Apathy breeds corruption and incompetence.” 

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