Bill Hemmer discussed the latest fallout from the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who has expressed grave concerns that the Taliban leaders will rejoin the battle after their release from Guantanamo Bay.

"Mullah Omar now has his cabinet restored. These are the worst of the worst, the hardest of the hardest. Some of them are wanted for war crimes, responsible in at least one case for the deaths of thousands of Shiite Muslims," said McCain, who added that he worries about the potential future price in "American blood."

President Obama conceded earlier today that there is a possibility that the released detainees could return to terror activities, vowing that the U.S. will go after them if that happens. McCain chuckled at the president's statement.

"Let me get this straight. If they do commit bad things, i.e. attacking America, then we can go after them? Is that the kind of logic we use now when we release people who repeatedly were judged as high-risk and return to the fight?" he asked, noting that 30 percent of those released from Gitmo have gone back to the fight.

Hemmer asked why President Obama would choose to make this exchange. McCain believes it's part of the overall misguided withdrawal from Afghanistan announced recently by Obama.

"The president may be ending the war in Afghanistan, but the Taliban and al Qaeda are not ending the war in Afghanistan," said McCain, adding that the U.S. is now leaving the country vulnerable to the Taliban and other terror groups after more than a decade of American sacrifice.

Watch the interview above, and check out some infographics that we pulled from America's Newsroom, showing some facts about three of the five members of the "Taliban dream team" who are now free.

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