There are reports that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter and may have even collaborated with the enemy. Bergdahl was released after five years in captivity in exchange for the U.S. government releasing five Taliban leaders.

Parents of Soldier Killed in Bergdahl Search Call for Investigation

A former medic from Bergdahl’s unit in Afghanistan spoke to Sean Hannity tonight. Josh Cornelison stated that Bergdahl deserted his post “willfully and purposefully.”

In the weeks and months spent searching for him, Cornelison said it was a “field day” for the Taliban to pick and choose which targets they wanted to hit. At least six soldiers were killed in the search.

“He didn’t want to be found, and so we were chasing a ghost around eastern Afghanistan for at least 90 days immediately following his disappearance,” Cornelison said, adding that they had to sign a document saying they wouldn’t talk about it.

Hannity also spoke to a former roommate and ballet instructor of Bergdahl, Sherry Horton. He asked her about Bergdahl’s purported emails in which he said he’s “ashamed to be an American” and that “America is disgusting.”

Horton responded, “I don’t know his state of mind at that point. Was it someone being frustrated with their job? […] When you join the military that is your job. And I’m not sure any American, any person in general, has ever been 100 percent satisfied with their job and not had a bad day where they have said they wanted to quit.”

As for allegations that Bergdahl’s a deserter and other soldiers died in the search, Horton said she was reserving judgment until the facts are revealed.

“Yes, he did walk off the base. So by technicality that does make him [a deserter],” she said, adding that we won’t know until we hear from Bergdahl himself.

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