In tonight’s “One More Thing,” Greg Gutfeld paid tribute to his mother, Jackie Gutfeld, who recently passed away.

He said:

“When someone dies, certain rituals go away, too, rituals you rarely notice until they are severed. When I would leave home from visiting my mom, she would ask me to call her the moment I landed, always worried if those big planes would make it across the sky. Last night, I landed here in New York and the reflex to whip out the phone and make that call was frozen by realization that no one would pick up on the other end, ever. Humans create ways to ease suffering and perhaps their universal nature speaks to a truth unseen rather than just a psychological trick. So maybe I don’t have to call her anymore because she’s here with me.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle called Jackie Gutfeld a wonderful and spirited woman who did a great job raising her son.

Watch the moving tribute in the video above.