Bill O’Reilly tonight remarked on the administration’s decision to free five Gitmo detainees in exchange for the release of captured Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

“This is yet another troubling situation for the president,” O’Reilly said. He explained that Obama signed a law last year saying that he must give Congress 30 days notice before any Gitmo detainee can be released or transferred. However, wording in the law gives Obama discretion, and he said he had to act quickly because Bergdahl’s health was deteriorating in captivity.

O’Reilly noted that Bergdahl was captured under “very mysterious circumstances” and said that “by trading one American for five terrorists, that might encourage Americans to be kidnapped all over the world.”

O’Reilly noted that it has been U.S. policy not to bargain with terrorists and said there’s no question that this move will make things more dangerous. Still, he asked: what do you do when you can save an American soldier?

“If I had been president, I would not have made the deal,” O’Reilly said.

Watch the full memo above.

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