Amid growing controversy, lawmakers are calling for a solution to the problems at Veterans Affairs medical centers. Today on “The Real Story,” Gretchen Carlson spoke to a veteran who is currently in her own battle with the VA.

U.S. Navy veteran Regina Nale was misdiagnosed, causing doctors to miss the fact that she had a brain tumor. More than six years after her misdiagnosis, she received a CT scan that revealed her illness.

Nale, who has suffered from headaches for 20 years, said that she recently learned that a VA hospital found something suspicious on her brain back in 1985 but never told her.

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She was also treated at a military base in Louisiana in 1989, then sent home to her local VA.

“By the grace of God” and a “great” neurosurgeon, Nale is alive today. Unfortunately, she is still fighting for the VA to pay for her follow-up treatment. To make matters worse, she has been kicked out of a therapeutic work program after going public with her story.

“After we went public with the local TV station, I kept getting phone calls while I was there from the VA, I was told that a person accused me of harassment because I was using my First Amendment rights to tell my story of my misdiagnosis, they said it was harassment,” she said.

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As a result, Nale said she is losing "what small benefits [she] was getting from this program."

Watch the video above to learn how to file for disability compensation caused by medical malpractice.

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