Tune in to Fox News Channel throughout the day for continuous reaction and the latest fallout from the release of U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Taliban leaders. At 6p ET, Special Report has full analysis from inside the Beltway, then at 7p ET On The Record brings you the latest developments.

At 8/11p ET on The Factor: Bill O’Reilly asks, was Bergdahl a deserter or not? That’s the subject of his Talking Points Memo, followed by reaction from Colonel David Hunt, Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams.

Then, at 9p/12a ET in a Kelly File exclusive, two soldiers who served with Bergdahl speak out about his release. Then, former Vice President Dick Cheney will speak to Megyn about the deal to trade Taliban leaders for the American POW.

At 10p/1a ET, Sean Hannity gets insight from Rep. Jason Chaffetz and reaction from Ann Coulter.

Read the latest from Fox News Channel here:

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