Republicans in Congress are expressing concern over the Obama administration swapping five Taliban leaders for American POW Bowe Bergdahl.

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Earlier today, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wrote a letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee requesting an immediate hearing into the president’s actions after he failed to notify Congress, as generally required under the National Defense Authorization Act.

Today in his monologue on The Five, Greg Gutfeld said, “It sounds like a Common Core math problem – five high risk terrorists for one mysterious hostage.”

The Taliban has called the prisoner swap a “victory,” leading many to wonder what message it sends that the United States negotiated with terrorists.

“What else did we give them?” Gutfeld asked. “We’re dealing with mobsters on mules, after all. And why these five specific guys? They weren’t working in HR. We’ve been told that Islamophobia only increases violence worldwide, but you could say the same thing about this.”

He said the past proves that when terrorists are released or escape, they will kill Americans.

As for President Obama, Gutfeld called him a “lousy” poker player, “telegraphing intentions even before entering the casino. What did he photograph? That we’re out of here. Done. Back to tackling the harsh realities of bullying.”

How does America win in a trade like this? The only way it’s a fair trade, Gutfeld said, is if those terrorists end up dead. 

EXCLUSIVE: Tonight at 9p/12a ET on The Kelly File, hear from two soldiers who served with Bergdahl. Plus, former Vice President Dick Cheney talks to Megyn Kelly about the repercussions of the exchange. 

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