Is this ad too cute or too much?

A Huggies commercial airing in Israel features toddlers dressed up as rock stars and wearing denim-colored diapers.

Critics have blasted the commercial as sexualizing the kids featured in it.

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"Since we launched a special edition of the fashion Huggies jeans commercial celebrating color and fun a few weeks ago in Israel, a small number of consumers have shared negative reactions with us, although the response to the product and the commercial remains overwhelmingly positive," a spokesman told ABC News. "In fact a number of parents have shared images of their babies wearing the denim diapers."

"We respect consumers’ opinions and will continue to listen closely to the feedback. We are acutely aware that our brand is based on the loyalty and trust of moms and dads who use our products on their babies every day. We certainly regret that anyone might have been offended, that was never our intent."

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