Gun activists in Texas attempted to bring their firearms into restaurants, but some Chili's and Sonic franchises weren’t having it.

Recently, Chipotle, Starbucks and Jack in the Box came out with policies asking gun owners to leave their firearms at home.

A panel discussed whether or not this is smart on “Cashin’ In.”

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“This isn’t a Second Amendment issue, it’s a property rights issue, and the right to bear arms doesn’t exist on someone else’s property,” Jonathan Hoenig said, adding that these protesters are “hurting the case for lawful gun ownership.”

“I think it’s a stupid decision, I think that Chili’s should stick to making mediocre food and stop getting involved in politics,” Michelle Fields said. However, she said it’s the company’s right to keep people off of its property, even if it’s a poor decision.

“I don’t see how there’s any question,” Juan Williams said.

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