Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a crusader against honor violence and Sharia law, was on “The Kelly File” last night, where she told Megyn that the U.S. has the power to stop the execution of a Sudanese woman jailed for being a Christian.

Ali said Americans don’t realize these things are happening, sometimes even in the U.S., citing a case of a Pakistani man in Brooklyn who killed his wife because she made him a vegetarian meal.

“I think we lost our moral certitude,” she said.

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Ali noted that this nation stopped apartheid and said Sharia Law is “the promotion of gender apartheid, it’s religious apartheid.”

If the U.S. takes a stand against Sharia Law, Ali said we will protect more Muslims than groups like CAIR could ever dream of protecting.

“I talked to two 24-year-old women and 27-year-old women and I asked them and said, ‘You know, you can fall in love. You can go and marry whoever you want, but there is this woman who is 27 years old, who is married in a white dress with henna, and she is in a prison having her second baby, and her family are the ones who brought charges against her, and it’s her government that’s going to put her to death. Do you understand that?’ And everyone I ask, and I asked the woman who did my makeup, and she said, ‘We need to do something.’ We need the leadership to tap on that kind of human solidarity to say, ‘Of course we need to do something, and we can do something.’”

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