When should the law step in and give parents a time-out for their punishment styles?

One father was sentenced to probation after he made his 8-year-old son walk a mile home from school for misbehaving. Another is facing child cruelty charges for making his teen son carry a 23-pound rock.

Arthur Aidala and Jonna Spilbor debated the issue this morning on “Fox and Friends.”

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Aidala said, “The father gets arrested because he cared, because he’s present, because he’s involved in his child’s life.”

“He dropped an 8-year-old on the side of the road. How ‘bout put a sign to every child molester, ‘Come pick up my kid,’ because that’s the other part of this problem,” Spilbor fired back, adding that child molesters “prey on bad parenting.”

“You wanna get the government involved? You wanna penalize people? Why don’t we penalize the fathers who leave the kids? Why don’t we penalize the men who impregnate women and disappear off the face of the earth?”

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Aidala also stressed the importance of male role models in children’s lives.

Watch the heated debate in the video above.

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