Here’s your video of the day: world's first BASE-jumping dog. Whisper, who weighs in at 22 pounds, made the 90-second leap from the top of Mount Eiger in Switzerland.  

Today on America’s Newsroom, owner Dean Potter told Bill Hemmer that he just wanted to take his best friend on his adventures. The pair spends a lot of time in the mountains rock climbing, wingsuit flying and tightrope walking.

Potter defended his decision to take his dog with him over the edge, saying, “I wonder what’s more cruel – whether leaving your dog at home trapped in the house or in the car for hours of their very short life, or bringing them on six or eight hour hikes up mountains and letting them enjoy the outdoor world.”

As for what’s next, Potter said it’s also important for them to spend time with family … in addition to climbing some of the biggest rock bases and flying the longest wingsuits in the world, of course.

“Dogs, whether they’re sitting with us on the couch, or flying through the air at 100 miles an hour, they’ve always been man’s best friend,” Potter said.

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