Montel Williams joined Neil Cavuto in studio today after creating a stir on Wednesday’s Your World. The retired Navy lieutenant and talk show host slammed the country for having the “audacity” to turn its back on those who have served.

Williams told Cavuto that the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki may give people a small sense that something’s being accomplished. In reality, he said, “Most people were tweeting me and telling me today they’re saying that, look, that’s not enough.”

The lack of leadership in Washington doesn’t just stop with the president, Williams said, putting blame on Congress also.

He said, “I think it’s less than 10 percent of the Congress has served in the military. Less than half of a percentage in the United States population ever protected this democracy. And so when people aren’t forced to actually have to look at it and look it in the face, look at that double amputee, that quad amputee that we have, right now we have so many of them, look them in the face and you’ll change your attitude.”

Williams called for a top-down fix to the VA, noting that prisoners in Gitmo receive better care. He added, “We sent them off to die in 90 days. Can’t we fix them in 90 days?”