In the wake of the resignation of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Gen. Eric Shinseki, new questions have been raised on what's next for the embattled VA in terms of leadership.

House Speaker John Boehner today called on President Obama to "step in and make things right for our veterans."

"Business as usual cannot continue," Boehner said.

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Florida Congressman Jeff Miller, who chairs the House VA Committee, and Lt. Col. Ralph Peters joined Megyn Kelly to talk about the future of the VA.

Rep. Miller told Kelly that Gen. Shinseki's resignation today had to happen, because he had "lost the faith of the American people."

"Certainly the mid-level bureaucrats that were lying to him didn't feel like they had to tell him the truth, and so he had lost all of his effectiveness," Rep. Miller said. "It was a sad day."

When asked by Kelly about President Obama's culpability in the VA scandal, Rep. Miller said, "The president took three weeks before he came out and actually acknowledged the gravity of the situation." 

"We've had veterans that have died. They've known this for a number of years. I mean, they've already admitted 23 veterans died because they were waiting for care, and for the president to have gone forward with a lackadaisical attitude just shows another lack of leadership on his part," Rep. Miller continued.

"It's a sad moment for veterans," Lt. Col. Peters said. "President Obama, when it comes to vets, so often in so many spheres he's said so many gracious and right things, but as with so many other spheres, he does nothing to execute it."

Lt. Col. Peters said, however, that he placed equal blame on Congress for the VA's failings. 

In response, Rep. Miller told Kelly that VA bureaucrats had blatantly lied to Congress about the numbers and implementation of changes at the VA.

"The truth is the commander-in-chief, the man who put Secretary Shinseki in the job, does not understand the gravity of the situation that's out there today," Rep. Miller said.

"We now have an opportunity -- an opportunity to change it for the better."

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