Folks – if you don’t already home school your children – you will after reading this item.

A second grader in Colorado Springs, Colo. was sent to the principal’s office after he told his teacher that a cloud formation looked like a gun.

Kody Smith, a student at Talbott Elementary School, was instructed by his teacher to describe cloud formations.

The teacher told the students to use their imaginations.

So Kody thought one of the clouds looked like a firearm so he drew a picture of a gun.

The eight year old’s teacher saw the picture and apparently suffered some sort of panic attack.

She sent the child to the principal’s office – where a behavior report was filed. Television station KKTV reported that the child’s drawing was “disruptive to the entire learning community.”

Kody’s mom was furious – and pointed out that he was just following the rules of the assignment.

“He’s 8 years old,” Angel Rivers told the television station. “He was doing exactly what he was told to do for the assignment.”

The Widefield School District released a statement defending their actions — calling it an “age-appropriate reaction to an incident.” They also noted that their response was “in line with routine procedures focused on school safety.”

They said the cloud incident will not become a part of Kody’s permanent record.

Well, that’s a relief – because we all know that while guns don’t kill people – cumulonimbus clouds just might.