The commencement speech delivered yesterday by Michael Bloomberg may not have been what Harvard University was expecting. The former New York City mayor, who went from Democrat to Republican to independent over the course of his political career, called out universities for trying to silence conservative voices.

"There is an idea floating around college campuses — including here at Harvard — that scholars should be funded only if their work conforms to a particular view of justice. There’s a word for that idea: censorship. And it is just a modern-day form of McCarthyism," said Bloomberg, who has taken criticism from conservatives for his soda ban proposal and his support for stricter gun control laws.

The core of his speech entitled "Killing the campuses: The intolerance menace," can be read via the New York Post.

Does he have a point?

Martha MacCallum weighed the remarks with radio host Leslie Marshall and Mark Meckler, founder of Citizens for Self Governance, this morning on America's Newsroom.

Marshall said she agrees that it's "unhealthy" for college students not to hear both sides of an issue, but argued that both sides have freedom of speech.

"No they don't, that's the point," Martha interjected, pointing out the "reality" that Condoleezza Rice was forced out as Rutgers' commencement speaker, while Smith College canceled the commencement speech of International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde after student protests.

Meckler said the situation with Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brandeis University, which was covered extensively on Fox News, is a prime example of "radical liberals" shutting down a message that they didn't like. He described being at Harvard and hearing from students who say they "don't know any conservatives."

"It's education. You're supposed to hear all sides and then walk out of there after four years feeling like you've learned a lot about different viewpoints in the world. And sadly, it is not happening," Martha concluded.

Watch the discussion above and let us know your take on the situation below.

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