White House Press Secretary Jay Carney reacted to yesterday’s shocking report that confirmed the rampant problems within the Veterans Affairs health care system. During the press briefing, Carney said the president is “extremely troubled” by the results of the preliminary IG report.

House VA Cmte Chairman: 'I Don't Trust the VA's Numbers'

He was asked by reporters about the growing calls for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign, including from many Democrats.

Carney said that President Obama will wait for more information before deciding on "accountability," adding he didn't want to speculate on personnel matters.

He added, “What matters most to the president is making sure that we’re not waiting even for preliminary or interim reports from these inquiries to take action to ensure that our veterans are getting better care and better service more quickly.”

Carney declined to answer yes or no to the question of whether President Obama has confidence in Shinseki, reiterating that the president is focused on getting veterans the care they need.

Watch the exchange below as ABC's Jonathan Karl presses Carney on how long the president plans to wait before making a decision on Shinseki.

"He believes that in matters like this, it's important to assemble a decent accumulation of facts before making a judgment," said Carney.

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