Is this a new record for most expensive Starbucks coffee?

A Texas man treated himself to a gallon-size Frappuccino that contained 60 shots of espresso and cost $54.75.

Oddly enough, he didn't even pay for it. Gold members of Starbucks' loyalty program get a free drink after they buy 12. Apparently there are no limits on the size of your free drink.

Chifari took full advantage and after his initial post on Twitter went viral, he updated his followers by tweeting that he had finally finished the massive drink five days later.

On Red Eye this morning, coffee enthusiast (addict?) Tom Shillue used this opportunity to lay out his "coffee rules."

He later explained that he only goes to Starbucks in "emergencies," which prompted comedian Jesse Joyce and Andy Levy to confront him about his coffee addiction.

"I'm gonna change my answer. I think you are an addict. You said you drink Starbucks only in emergencies? Find me a coffee emergency, Tom," Joyce joked.

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