A harrowing rescue was caught on tape in Galveston, Texas, where some teen fishermen sprang into action when a car was driven into Offatts Bayou. The incident reportedly happened Monday afternoon as the young men were fishing off a pier.

'Mommy's Trying to Kill Us': Pregnant Mom Drives Minivan With 3 Kids Into Ocean

The men were able to pull the infant out. The woman initially tried to push the fishermen away, but she was also pulled from the water.

Both the woman and the baby were taken to a hospital and listed in stable condition.

Investigators say Latonya Kirven, 31, was drunk when she drove the car into the water and did not want to be rescued. One of the teens told KHOU that Kirven was trying to put the baby underwater, and they finally pulled the six-month-old away from her.

Kirven is charged with driving while intoxicated with a child in the vehicle and aggravated assault with deadly weapon. She is being held on bonds totaling $160,000.

Police say prior the incident, Kirven also struck a 70-year-old man, leaving him with critical injuries.

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