We heard some reaction from Karl Rove and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) after President Obama outlined his vision of U.S. foreign policy at the West Point commencement address. The president pushed back against critics who claim America is in decline in terms of global leadership, saying they are either "misreading history or engaged in partisan politics."

Obama said the U.S. "has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world," and vowed to the graduating cadets that he would show restraint before using military force. 

Rove believes the views put forth by President Obama today "will further disappoint our allies ... and embolden our adversaries." Rove said Vladimir Putin "is sitting in the Kremlin laughing" at the address, which he described as "nothing new" from what Obama has expressed in the past.

"[Putin] has taken Crimea. He has troops massed on the Ukrainian border in order to influence the country. He has special Russian troops inside Ukraine in order to foment dissent in the east. He has embarrassed the United States, embarrassed NATO and tried to reassert the Soviet empire and the president says this is a sign of American success," said Rove.

Later on Happening Now, Sen. McCain expressed disbelief that President Obama could make the claims about the world being safer and America being as strong as ever.

"To compare it with the Cold War and the performance of Ronald Reagan is really remarkable. Only President Obama could make that parallel with a straight face. The world is obviously a safer since the end of the Cold War because there's no longer the threat of nuclear exchange. But I would argue it is more dangerous and more unstable in the last five years of this presidency than it has ever been," said McCain, arguing that Obama is making the same mistake in Afghanistan that he made in Iraq.

"The black flags of al Qaeda fly over the city of Fallujah, where the bloodiest battle of the whole Iraq war - we lost 96 soldiers and Marines, 600 wounded - [took place]. It is now a base. This whole Syria-Iraq area is a base for al Qaeda and our Director of National Intelligence said they'll be planning attacks on the United States America. That is a direct result of a failed policy. No, we are not weak. We are unreliable," said McCain, pointing back to Obama's failure to enforce the "red line" when the Syrian regime used chemical weapons.

Watch Rove's reaction with Jon Scott in the clip above and Sen. McCain's views with Jenna Lee in the video below.

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