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Satisfaction with political leaders worldwide stands at a mere 30 percent, according to a new poll. 

More than 6,000 people in 13 countries were surveyed and asked to rank 14 qualities by importance. The top four include: communicating in a transparent way, leading by example, admitting mistakes and bringing out the best in others.

Women were identified as being more effective leaders than men. Bila said it's because women are seen as more flexible and willing to negotiate. “Look at all the gridlock in Congress. They say get some of these men out of the way, let’s get some women that will listen more to each other, hear more of what’s happening and maybe actually get something done.”

President Obama defended his foreign policy agenda while giving a commencement speech at West Point today. On Tuesday, the president said America’s military commitment to Afghanistan will end in 2015.

Rivera, who spent time with troops in Afghanistan, said, “It’s a criminal state. The only hope we have in Afghanistan is the election of [Abdullah Abdullah].”

As for the president's remarks on showing military restraint, Rivera said, “We cannot go into another ground war in Asia. We can’t use the military to stop Putin going into Crimea. We can’t use the military in Syria. We should’ve stayed out of Libya.”

He added, “I think that a period of restraint, contrary to what Lindsey Graham and John McCain say, is called for.”

Researchers at Washington State University found that men who read magazines like ‘Maxim’ and ‘Men’s Health’ are more likely to disrespect women. On the other hand, it found that women’s magazines empower readers to refuse unwanted advances.

Rivera said, “I really think that if you’re looking at a magazine to turn your wife into a porn star or your significant other, you should just talk to her. […] I want people to stop living virtual lives and live real life.”