Mitt Romney was on “The Kelly File,” where he weighed in on the VA scandal and President Barack Obama’s West Point address.

Romney said that Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki “needs to be removed” because he has not demonstrated the leadership needed in this circumstance.

He also said he agreed with Charles Krauthammer that veterans should be given a voucher to be able to go outside of the VA system for medical care.

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“This is just inexcusable for the people who’ve served our country to have been so poorly served by this administration, and frankly, by prior administrations as well,” Romney told Megyn Kelly.

Of the West Point address, Romney said, "I think it’s a particularly sad day in America when the president of the United States feels compelled to give an address saying that America in effect isn’t weak, saying we really are a leader, we really are strong. Look, if you have to tell people you’re strong, then you’re not. If you tell people you’re not weak, then you are."

The former presidential candidate also remarked on the Afghanistan troop withdrawal plan, saying that moving out troops to a lower level and then maintaining them over the next few years is a positive step. Still, he said it's a mistake to announce specific troop withdrawal dates and plans.

Watch the full interview above.

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