Last night on On The Record, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh commented on the problems with the Veterans Affairs health care system.

“Despite the best efforts,” Limbaugh said, “it’s something bureaucracy just can’t handle. And I think the ultimate solution to this is going to be farming our part of it, or maybe all of it, to the private sector.”

A few days ago, the VA said it would allow some veterans to seek health care at private facilities. The announcement comes after weeks of mounting issues at VA hospitals have come to light, including at least 40 veterans who died waiting for care in Phoenix.

Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) agreed with the idea of privatizing the VA system today on America’s Newsroom.

The department’s solution is to allow vets who can’t get an appointment immediately to go out into the private sector. But Harris said that won’t work because their medical records are kept at the VA and can’t be transferred outside the system.

Instead, Harris proposed that going forward, new enrollees and high priority vets should be given the choice to have all of their care in a private system.

“I just don’t think the government can run the VA health care system. It’s proven year after year that it’s just not up to the task. The private sector can deliver that product. They deliver it for federal employees. […] They ought to treat our veterans at least as well as our federal employees,” Harris said.