Heather Nauert brought us an amazing story this morning out of Canada, where some teens with "nothing to do" turned their attention to a kidnapped baby. It all started at Sainte-Marie Hospital in Quebec Monday night, when a woman posing as a nurse took a newborn from her mother's room, saying that the baby needed to be weighed.

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The woman made it out of the hospital just moments before the mother and hospital staff realized what was going on, and fled with the infant in a red Toyota Yaris hatchback.

Police quickly set up roadblocks and flooded social media, radio and television with an Amber Alert for the vehicle. Four teens - sisters Mélizanne and Charel Bergeron and their friends Marc-André Coté and Charlène Plante - decided they would go out and start looking for the car after one of them saw a Facebook post from the baby's panicked father.

“Help us please, after one day our daughter has been stolen,” Simon Boisclair wrote, asking friends to spread the news as “fast as possible.” As the teens drove, one of them found security footage released by police, showing the suspected kidnapper at the hospital.

Amazingly, Plante recognized the woman as her neighbor. The four went to Plante's apartment complex and located the red vehicle that police were looking for.

Within minutes police were on the scene and rescued the day-old newborn, named Victoria. One of the teens even recorded cell phone video (above) of the moment that an officer came out with the baby.

The 21-year-old suspected kidnapper was taken into custody and is believed to suffer from mental health issues.

Watch the video above from Fox and Friends, and read further details from the National Post.

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