Here's a Memorial Day story of heroism far from any battlefield. A Vietnam veteran found himself in the right place at the right time with a woman in labor. 

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Diana and James Price rushed to a Kansas City hospital Saturday morning with little time to spare, but they ended up going to the wrong entrance. James Price ran into the hospital to get help.

C.D. Donovan, who served in the Army as a medic, heard Diana Price's screams and ran to the van. It turns out Donovan goes to the hospital each morning to visit his wife.

Here's more from KSHB-TV:

In a matter of minutes, he delivered Diana's baby girl in the van and walked away.

"Honestly I thought you were in a car accident and you were hurt from a car accident. That's what I thought walking up. And then I saw the trouble you were in," Donovan shared.

Diana gave birth to eight pound Reagan Ansley May Price.

She's in the NICU, but breathing on her own and is expected to go home to meet her two big brothers soon.

Diana Price believes without Donovan's help her newborn daughter wouldn't have survived.

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