Cleveland Browns quarterback (third string, for now) Johnny Manziel enjoyed his Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas, leading some of his critics to wonder whether he's focused on football.

After posting an Instagram photo with Pauly D of "Jersey Shore" fame, the former Heisman Trophy winner then posted a picture of his Browns playbook, writing "Guess it's impossible to enjoy the weekend and study?"

Is the criticism warranted? The Outnumbered panel debated this afternoon, with Ed Henry taking a break from the White House briefing room to be today's #oneluckyguy. Henry said the critics of Manziel need to "grow up" a little bit, pointing out his nickname is Johnny Football, not "Johnny Curing Cancer." 

He and Sandra Smith agreed, however, that with the doubts surrounding Manziel before the draft, the former Texas A&M star may want to tone down the partying.

Watch the full discussion above, including a bit of a zinger by Katie Pavlich.