Laura Ingraham weighed in this morning on an analysis by the Media Research Center that shows the amount of coverage devoted to the VA scandal by the major networks. From April 23 to May 22, the morning and evening news shows on CBS, NBC and ABC devoted 110 minutes to the VA story after allegations surfaced about veterans' deaths and alleged secret waiting lists.

It took less than a week for the networks to devote that amount of coverage to the Bridgegate scandal that centered around N.J. Gov. Chris Christie (R) in early January.

Ingraham said on Fox and Friends this morning that the mainstream media has become increasingly focused on "what's trending," like Kim and Kanye and the cat who saved a child from a dog attack.

"Of course they wanted to get rid of Chris Christie for all the obvious reasons. It was overkill on that story and this is affecting literally millions of Americans who need basic care and aren't getting it," said Ingraham.

Watch the full discussion above to hear Laura's thoughts on President Obama's trip to Afghanistan and the new revelations from Edward Snowden about a list of NSA targets.