If you're trying to lose weight, should you cut out diet soda or keep drinking it? Researchers, funded by the American Beverage Association, claim they did not find a benefit to replacing diet soda with water in a weight-loss plan.

The study divided about 300 people into two groups. One continued drinking diet soda as part of their weight-loss routine and the other group drank water. The study says that the water-drinkers lost an average of 9 pounds over 12 weeks, while the diet soda drinkers lost 13 pounds over that same period.

Jenna Lee got some reaction this morning from Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil, who outlined some "flaws" with the way the study was conducted. She said the people who were forced to stop drinking diet soda may have been replacing it with something else in order to get the "sugar fix."

Also, she pointed out that the water drinkers were only allowed 24 ounces a day. The doctor explained that people who want to lose weight should be drinking much more water each day.

Nampiaparampil said people who drink regular soda should definitely switch to diet if they want to lose weight. But she said she would not advise anyone to switch from water to diet soda, despite the study's findings.

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