A hacker or group of hackers is seizing control of Apple devices in Australia using the “Find My iPhone” application, then demanding ransom.

Some Australians woke up on Tuesday to messages on their iPhones and iPads that said “Oleg Pliss” had hacked their phones. They were ordered to pay up to $100 to a PayPal account in order to have their devices unlocked.

A PayPal spokesperson has said that there’s no PayPal account linked to the email address included in the messages. The company says it will refund money sent through PayPal.

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Meanwhile, Apple has not responded to requests for comment.

Technology blogger and analyst Cassie Slane was on “Shepard Smith Reporting,” where she said that people who have been hacked should not pay the money.

She said that Apple users who have a passcode on their device should enter their passcode, which will override the lock. Slane said that Apple users who don’t have a passcode can connect through iTunes on their computers to reset devices to factory settings.

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