You may be shocked by the doctor-to-patient ratio at Guantanamo Bay versus within the VA.

According to Gitmo Joint Medical Group, there is one medical staff member for every one-and-a-half detainees. says there’s only one medical care provider for every 35 veterans.

On Hannity tonight, Former Pentagon spokesman J.D. Gordon blasted President Barack Obama for his “deeply flawed sense of priorities.”

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“President Obama has spent so much time and effort and energy on Guantanamo, freeing a lot of these al Qaeda and Taliban detainees – a third of whom, roughly, go back to terrorism – and he hasn’t put a fraction of that effort into taking care of our veterans, and you know, Sean, I think that’s really outrageous,” Gordon said.

Gordon also noted that it’s nearly impossible to fire VA employees because of public-sector unions, explaining that the unions are so powerful that it takes almost a year to fire someone.

“The VA is big government gone wild,” he said.

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Sally Barnes-Breen, whose father-in-law was neglected by a Phoenix VA hospital, also weighed in. She said her father-in-law was “dismissed like an animal” and called for criminal charges.

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