Judge Jeanine Pirro shares her thoughts on the upcoming elections in Egypt and why President Obama ought to do more to support the millions of Egyptians who are fighting for democracy.  Read the transcript below:

And now to an election on the other side of the globe - one that will have a huge impact not only on the Middle East - including the state of Israel, but on every man woman and child in this country. 

It all started when one of my opening statements went viral in Egypt. I called out President Obama for continuing to support Muslim Brother President Morsi after more than 33 million Egyptians came out of their homes to protest this so called "democratically elected" president.  The problem? He suspended the constitution, imposes Sharia law and put himself above any checks and balances creating a theocratic government like the Ayatollah in Iran, issuing a presidential order releasing condemned terrorists from prison.

On my recent visit to Egypt, I met with many government leaders and ordinary Egyptians who were disappointed in the recent breakdown of U.S.-Egyptian relations.  Those relations have been mutually beneficial for decades - from the Camp David peace accords where Egypt was the first Arab country to recognize the state of Israel.

The Obama administration's feckless foreign policy, the dithering, and the double speak and the refusal to support Egypt in this dangerous time creates a vacuum that allows terrorists to move in.

Those terrorists now present in Libya continue to train and prepare for more attacks on the West. Egypt has always given us flyover rights and preferential treatment at the Suez Canal.  After 9/11, Egypt shared intelligence and jointly interviewed Al Qaeda prisoners.  But most importantly, Egypt is at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean is geopolitically positioned to provide stability in the Middle East.  

Yet Obama refuses to give the military support and promised and allocated to fight Al Qaeda and the terrorists who threaten to destroy the country. 

Egypt is one quarter of the Arab world--over 90 million people.  Should they fall, the West is at risk.  Although Egyptians are fearful of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Ansar al Sharia--33 million of them were not afraid to take them on.

Egypt is 80% Muslim--and most live in peace with Coptic Christians.  Under the brotherhood, more than 80 churches were burnt down, countless Egyptians tortured and killed and more than a thousand Christians' homes have been destroyed. 

On my trip I met with Field Marshal Al-Sisi, one of the candidates in the election this coming Monday and Tuesday, who made it clear that religion has no place in government, that Egyptian women should decide whether they want to wear a veil or not.

What most Americans don't understand is that the vast majority of Egyptian citizens hate the Muslim Brotherhood and want nothing more than a democracy in their country. 

They don't care if you're a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew.

They want a government with checks and balances and have adopted a new constitution that guarantees equal rights regardless of gender and religion. 

Egypt, Israel and the United States--our destinies forever intertwined.

For the U.S. to not support Egypt in its fight for democracy against the Muslim Brotherhood is to deny our own origins.

Our Declaration of Independence says, "…governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it." 

Unfortunately our president--in true Obama fashion--prefers to ignore the majority of Egyptians who seek nothing more than safety, security and democracy.  Even if it benefits the U.S. and our ally Israel,

Mr. President, this is what the Egyptians think of you.