The average college student graduating this year will walk away with nearly $33,000 in student loan debt.  So with the rising cost of tuition, is college actually worth it these days?

According to David Wilezol, it is.  He’s the author of a new book called “Is College Worth It?” He said those that graduate with degrees in science, engineering, technology and math on average produce higher lifetime earnings than liberal arts or social science majors. 

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However, Wilezol did point out that companies like Google seek out candidates who may not hold a degree, but who have years of experience in computer programming or engineering. “They’re constantly evaluating you pretty closely on leadership and writing skills,” he said. “A college degree isn’t necessarily a golden ticket to a good job.”

A new Pew Research study found about 4 in 10 U.S. households headed by an adult under 40 currently have some student debt.