Lawyers for O.J. Simpson have submitted an appeal to Nevada’s Supreme Court requesting a new trial in his Las Vegas armed robbery case. He was convicted in 2008 of burglary, robbery, kidnapping and assault while in possession of a deadly weapon. Simpson, who was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, is serving up to 33 years behind bars.

Reuters reported:

Simpson's attorney Patricia Palm argued in a motion filed with the brief that his extremely complicated case required more than the 14,000 words allowed by the court. Palm said the court record in his case exceeded 7,000 pages of material, including the 100-page decision Simpson is appealing.

On Happening Now, former federal prosecutor Fred Tecce predicted Simpson will stay in jail and called his arguments for a new trial “worthless.”

“The judge specifically stated in sentencing that the sentence had nothing to do with the prior acquittal. And in fact, he had been offered a plea deal that he didn’t take.”

Criminal defense attorney Phil Snyder called the appeal a “publicity stunt” by an attorney who wants to get her name in the paper.

Tecce added, “The bigger problem is that they’re just throwing everything up against the wall and hoping something sticks. And that’s a surefire way to lose.”

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