The "everyone gets a trophy" mentality was on display recently at a Rochester, Michigan, elementary school. In a notice sent home to parents about the upcoming Field Day, North Hill Elementary School highlighted to parents that there wouldn't be any losers.

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The notice explains that "since we believe that all our students are winners, the need for athletic ability and the competitive 'urge to win' will be kept to a minimum." It goes on to say that the "real reward will be the enjoyment and good feelings of participation" and states that the event will be a fun, "carnival like atmosphere."

The notice was posted on Facebook by a parent who disagreed with the school's philosophy, writing that even his daughter saw the "ridiculousness" of it.

“I am speechless...the ‘urge to win’ will be kept at a minimum. What are we teaching our children? Everyone isn’t a winner, there are winners and losers. The kids that win and get awards drive those that don’t to do better,” Bennett Staph wrote.

Let us know what you think: are schools going too far in de-emphasizing winners and losers?

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