As a way to honor our veterans, Martha MacCallum proposed a “digital detox” over Memorial Day Weekend.

“Spend time with your family and friends digital free. Attend a local Memorial Day parade together and reconnect,” MacCallum said.

The America’s Newsroom anchor said she was surprised at the reaction she has received since making the proposal. Her teenage daughter rolled her eyes, while other family members welcomed the idea.

Mediaite’s Joe Concha said, “Many parents are just as addicted as their children. And if parents can’t discipline their kids, they’re losing their hearts and minds right now.”

Concha said digital addiction is actually deadly, and pointed out that the leading cause of death for teens is distracted driving.

Furthermore, he said that Facebook and other social media platforms lead to envy because they serve as a “best of” highlight reel.

Going digital free doesn’t mean having to go cold turkey. Concha recommended that families bring one cell phone if they’re traveling. And instead of playing video games, switch ‘em up for some board games.