In a one-hour Kelly File special, Megyn discussed the growing VA scandal with a group of veterans. After showing clips from outraged citizens at a recent town hall event in Arizona, she asked the panel to share some of their experiences with the VA.

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Dennis Davis, a former Navy sailor who is now a captain in the Air Force Reserves, said he has been dealing with back problems for the last 20 years. He joined the Air Force after 9/11, saying he never thought he'd be back in the military again after his Naval career ended.

He explained that he submitted a claim to the VA at the beginning of the year and has still not heard back on whether his claim has been accepted. Davis said after the initial claim is approved, he will then have to get in "another line" to actually get treatment.

Davis estimates he has lost about 10 percent of the feeling in his left leg while his condition worsens. Watch the panel discussion above.

In the video below, Megyn asked the veterans for their reaction to President Obama's comments this week on the lack of medical care available to our service members. During his remarks, Obama pointed to some success that his administration has had in improving the VA.

Kat Gates-Skipper, a Marine vet, disagreed, saying nothing has changed and the numbers keep going up.

"That was just a lot of talk because we heard the same thing about five or six years ago. Nothing has changed. ... We've had more deaths, we've had more people that are waiting for care. We've had just more of everything. The numbers are increasing, nothing has decreased," Gates-Skipper said, adding that she does not believe anything meaningful is going to happen even after the latest allegations about secret waiting lists.

She went on to detail an ordeal that her husband went through at a Tampa VA hospital when he went in for high blood pressure.

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